Hello. So, I know that I already have a few too many tabs going on, but I have been meaning to post this. I have been cataloging the massive number of shoes I have seen alongside the road at various points throughout my trip. I was only able to capture about one half of the shoes I actually saw, and I am sure I passed by others. I have seen many articles of clothing, but it is the shoes that really tickle me.

What is going on inside a vehicle that one shoe makes its way to the road? Are all the stories very similar, such as someone gets in a fight with someone else and awkwardly throws a shoe at the other person in the car and it flies out the window? Or does it vary by situation – sometimes it is a pair of siblings teasing one another and a shoe gets sacrificed? Why is it (almost) always only the one shoe and not a pair? Have all these people just purchased the shoes in a store and they only have one foot to use a shoe on, so they throw the other one out?

PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS IT? I want to know.

If anyone does a West to East Coast bicycle tour, please capture the shoes on the other side of the road. Maybe all the pairs to mine will be discovered.


2 Responses to “The Shoe Diaries”

  1. Sam Says:

    Since I’ve also seen underwear, bras, boxers, shirts, pants, and everything else, I imagined that there was some high speed sex going on and in the rush, a item or two wound up on the side of the road.

    • darksparkm Says:

      This has very much been on my mind as a likely possibility as well. It was my first assumption until I started to see more kid-sized shoes.

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