The following lists my favorite highlights from the different places. I’m going to start with the two places I have lived so things don’t look so barren until I get through other places. Favorites means they are things that, off the top of my head, I know I’ll miss (or already do) about them. It’s bound to be repetitive. Numerical order is not important.

My parent's house

Part of parent's yard

Dalton, PA

1. My family (I don’t get to see my dad before I leave = boo), 2. my Second family, the Holgates (the girls cut my hair before I left so it looks pretty interesting. Before I left I stole from them some toenail clippings and bits of dried skin for a sachet around my neck and some spicy carrot juice. I know it sounds gross, but the juice grows on you), 3. My woods and cemetery 4. The neighborhood I grew up in – nothing but good memories 5. My parent’s house, especially the yard. 6. My turtle, Donovan, who I could not take with me.

Philadelphia, PA

1. My friends, duh. 2. the Ritz Movie Theater, 3. coffee shops (Last Drop and Gleaners and The Coffee Bean, esp.), 4. my roommates and all the good food we ate together, 5. my own personal squid masseuse (man it’s tough to pull myself away from that one) 6. all the free movie screening invitations I could eat, 7. haircuts and whimsical discussions in the basement of a coffee shop by one killer dude (hail satan, Joseph. hail satan), 8. The Philadelphia Roller Girls, especially my girls, the Heavy Metal Hookers, 9. karoake nights, 10. My spec-fic group, 11. the Foodery (there may be others, but not like this one), 12. All the Farmer’s Markets, 13. shows at the TLA (especially ones I won tickets for), even shows at the E Factory, just because most of the bands I like played there and I have a slew of memories – good and bad – from that horrible venue), 14. Ken’s writing class and all the wonderful people who shared dinners with me, 15. Rooftop views. 16. The whole damn city. We’ve been through hell and back, baby. Because of you, I believe I can handle anything that comes my way.

Delaware – Even though I wouldn’t want to spend time in your downtown for too long, the riverfront park is really nice , and if I wasn’t in such a hurray I would have taken a picture!

Maryland – you have the most beautiful byways, which are actually scenic as described! Cars are really friendly to bikers, also. You have really friendly people in general.


2 Responses to “Favorites”

  1. John Stemrich Says:

    Way cool Gods speed, time flies and you will be home very soon.

  2. Karen Trovato Says:

    Thinking of you daily and admiring your determination and your courage. Carrie you are truly AMAZING!!!

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