Day 77 – El Centro, CA to Jacumba, CA – 45 miles

November 14, 2009

Sam and I woke up and she watched me putz around. I warned her that I am slow in the morning, and she didn’t seem to mind as I would start one thing and got distracted by something else before I finished the first thing. That’s my usual.

It was slow moving. The headwinds were mild, thankfully, only coming on strong once in a while. We went about twenty miles to Ocotillo, and then the elevation climbing began. We had a total of 4,000 feet to go. We talked and rode side-by-side, and did not worry about how far we would get. My only hurry had been to meet her, and now that I had, that was all the hurrying I needed.

When we would stop, people of course asked us how far we had come. Sam said, “I feel like a fraud,” when I answered for both of us. Whatever, Sam. She biked last year from Philadelphia to Texas with her husband, so she is no fraud. Also, it is easier to let people think we toured together the whole way – less explaining to do.

Once the elevation climbing began, we slowed down quite a bit. It is nice to have a conversational pace and have someone to talk to during the day’s ride. My bike, Antoinette, does not make the best conversationalist. She looks mature, but has the mental capacity of a twelve year old, and there is only so much we can talk about on account of that factor. She also has a really lame sense of humor, but don’t tell her I said that. I laugh at all her jokes to make her feel better. Sam’s sense of humor and conversation, however, are much more appreciable, and makes climbing seem less noticeable.

We thought we might try camping tonight at the Cleveland National Forrest, but by the time we reached Jacumba (pronounced Ha-cumba), it seemed like a better idea to stay there, since we were not sure how far we would need to go before we would get to the forest. The first building in town was, to our happy surprise, a Youth Center. Seemed like a good place to ask about a place to camp. The director in the center offered to let us into the church yard to camp. We had a nice spot on the lawn, which I know my tent appreciated. It has been some time since I have not camped on dusty hard ground.

We cooked a heavenly meal – polenta with tomato sauce and goat cheese, which Sam had brought with her. She has good taste. It was a real treat.

Sam and I fell asleep sometime around nine, I think. We woke up when we heard the sound of water. It was not raining, so we figured it was a sprinkler, hopefully in a nearby yard. But after some time, the water came down in torrents on us. It was hard to sleep through. Then, we realized the water was actually coming at us from the side, so Sam got pretty wet. My tent is good in the rain, but seems to be less waterproof when it comes to lawn sprinklers. Not to mention it was a chilly night. We had a good laugh about it, but it make for a relatively restless sleep.


One Response to “Day 77 – El Centro, CA to Jacumba, CA – 45 miles”

  1. Sam Says:

    I haven’t yet revealed my real scattered brain self to you. It is my deep dark secret.

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